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On Tuesday 4/23/24 my family and I very, very unexpectedly lost our beloved Moxxi. She was our neuro-spicy, rescued stray, and sweetheart. I never, ever felt this much pain, and sadness amongst other feelings before. I now understand the heartbreak with the loss of a pet.

I would be lying if I said we were financially prepared to make the hard decision to let her rest peacefully. Therefore to help recoup, I decided to print this adorable creepy-cute puppy from Twisty Prints. I have had her in my queue for a bit. I was just waiting for the right time to print her. She will be a multi-colored, articulated 3D print. I colored her in inspired by our beloved McFlurrie inspired, angel puppy, Moxxi.

This is Moxxi. She will be available indefinitely. Moxxi stands at a little over 5 inches. She is completely multi colored 3d printed with non toxic PLA.

Much needed disclaimer:
As with anything handmade or by a machine there may be a few slight imperfections. However, this will not affect the quality of any print. If you are unhappy for any reason let me know and I’ll make it right. Everything I make is chock full of positive intentions and lots of genuine love.

You can pick up from me if you are local to Des Plaines/Chicago or I can ship for $3.

Depending on how many orders I receive please allow no longer than 2 weeks but most likely she will be ready sooner. Thank you.

In addition, $15 of each Moxxi sold will be donated to Chicago Canine Rescue. They are the organization that pulled her from the city pound for us and helped us save her life and give her 9 years of love.  At the end of every month as long as she sells, I will show proof of the donation to them by posting a receipt on my Instagram.

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